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Washington State University has many ways to show your spirit!

National College Colors Day is an annual celebration dedicated to promoting the traditions and spirit that make the college experience great by encouraging people across America to wear apparel of their favorite college or university throughout the day. The College Licensing Company founded College Colors Day in 2004. It is traditionally the Friday before Labor Day.

Wear your college colors; share your stories. Use #CollegeColorsDay to post on social media and spread the word.

Friday, September 2, 2022 is the day!

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Herbert “Butch” Meeker
Cougar statue located at Martin Stadium,
donated by the Schn . . .. family

In 1927, Governor Roland Hartley presented a cougar cub to the students of Washington State. This first cougar mascot was named Butch in honor of Herbert “Butch” Meeker of Spokane, who was WSU’s football star at the time.

Governor Clarence D. Martin presented Butch II to the student body in 1938. Butch III and IV were twin cubs presented by Governor Arthur B. Langlie in January 1942. Governor Langlie also presented Butch V in 1955. Butch VI, the last live mascot on campus, died in the summer of 1978. Governor Albert Rosellini had presented him to Washington State University in 1964 from the Seattle Zoo.

Today, the Washington State University mascot “Butch T. Cougar” is a costumed mascot that people love and enjoy. He is a widely recognized symbol of the Washington State Athletics and University.

The Butch T. Cougar mascot program is a student program run by the WSU Spirit Squads as part of the WSU Athletics Department in Pullman, WA.

Butch T. Cougar


Fight, fight, fight for Washington State! Win the victory!
Win the day for Crimson and Gray!
Best in the West, we know you’ll all do your best,
So on, on, on, on! Fight to the end! Honor and glory you must win!
So fight, fight, fight for Washington State and victory!
W – A – SHI – N – G – TON
S – T – ATE C – O – UGS!
Go Cougs!

WSU’s fight song was originally composed in 1919 for a class project by Zella Melcher and Phyllis Sayles

(WSU Alma Mater)

Washington, my Washington, the Crimson and the Gray!
Tis the songs of memory that we sing today.
When the sad hours come to you and sorrows ’round you play, just
sing the songs of Washington, the Crimson and the Gray, just
sing the songs of Washington, the Crimson and the Gray.